Make money with my selfie

What is a selfie?

A selfie is a photo that you have taken of yourself. is a free and open project that allows you to find out what people really think about your looks. Make comments below. Click on members and rate their profiles with likes or dislikes. Tell them why with a comment or post on their wall. In turn, they will rate you as well.

Make money with your selfie at

A Selfie Score is the number of likes and average star rating on someone’s profile.

Each time you achieve 100 more likes and maintain an average star rating of 8.0 or higher on your profile, you win $100.00. The upgrade last for a full week and cost $5.00.

You will never be charged again unless you upgrade again (no limit to how many times you can upgrade).

How do I get paid?
As soon as you have reached another 100 likes and an average star rating of 8.0, you will receive an email from us. This email will give you the option of received a check to any address that you specify, or to receive funds via your PayPal account.

How long does the upgrade last?
You will be featured at the top of several pages and experience an increase in likes for one week from the day of your upgrade (no limit to how many times you can upgrade).

How do you know that my selfie is real and not just some photo found on the Internet?
In order to claim a cash prize, when someone reaches their first one hundred likes and has an average star rating of 8.0, we will ask them to send us a selfie holding up 2 fingers, or a dog or news paper and compare it to their selfie or photo gallery in their profile. Posting comments on Facebook from your profile page also helps other members to see that you are a real person.